Quirky Hoop Pine medium cooking spoon

Amazing quirky spoon hand crafted from Australian Hoop Pine, a native timber that was used for furniture during the colonial period.

This non-symmetrical spoon retains the old world charm with a bowl that is deep enough to be useful but not so big as to be a hindrance.

The generous handle is ergonomic in the hand and retains some of the very bottom layer of bark as an item of added interest.

This spoon will be a joy to use in the kitchen and you will enjoy cooking more using it (as I have had people tell me of my spoons.

Finished with food safe Kunos oil which provides a durable finish.

Overall length 275mm and bowl 70x40mm

Price INCLUDES postage Australia wide. Local Toowoomba pickup or international buyers, please contact me



Macadamia Timber wooden spoon spatula for discerning cooks

Get right into cooking with this hand crafted spatula , wok cooking utensil made from organically grown Australian Macadamia timber.

Attractive shape featuring a round filial on the end of the handle and colour including beautiful grain flecks will also add to the appeal as a gift for a cook, or other person liking spending time in the kitchen.

Suitable for all diet choices including vegan, organic and those wanting zero miles products.

Finished in food safe flaxseed oil, this item will provide years of service.

Length 420mm , blade is 105x80mm

$60 including postage Australia-wide. Local Toowoomba pickup $45 please contact me.

International buyers please contact me


Manchurian Pear thin handled spoon

Source from garden prunings, this wonderful wooden spoon is made from Manchurian Pear, a tree grown for its shape and attractive autumn foliage.

The back of the bowl feature dozens of small knife cut facets and the sweeping handle also features long facets.

This is a spoon with an unusual distinction.

Length 325mm slightly off-circle bowl 60x70mm

Buy today $50 including Australia-wide postage.Local Toowoomba pickup $40 – please contact me.

International buyers please contact me.


Beautiful Australian native cherry wood small bowls

Beautiful Australian native  cherry small bowls

Beautiful small wooden bowls hand made from Australian Native Cherry timber. This is a natural timber wood item from a sustainable source.

Featuring a bowl with an organic rim and attractive grain, on the darker one sides retain the bark. The bowl with bark has been heat treated to kill any pathogens. Perfect for potpourri in the bathroom, ear-rings or rings at the makeup table, small change or as a conversation piece in any other room.

I personally hand carved them to become a shallow wooden bowl just using knives and sanded to a smooth finish before having  coat of flaxseed and natural beeswax to give them a durable satin finish.

If you want a wonderful timber item, this is for you! (or as a gift 😉 ).

Dimensions: 110mm (5in) x 60mm (3 1/4in) minimum depth 15mm (approx).

Price: $30 each including postage Australia and world-wide, discount for two. Contact me if you want both at $50.

Dark bowl


Light bowl 

Small wooden bowl






Spoon carving workshops

spoon carving class

Spoon carving sisters – more workshop pics at bottom of the page

Learn how to carve your own wooden spoon using traditional techniques and your own hands by attending this small group one day workshop led by your tutor, Matt Eliason (AKA Spoonguy) who has over 3,000 hours experience in spoon carving.

Held in Toowoomba, (an easy 1.5 hr drive from Brisbane if you are there!) the workshop covers:

  • Types of wood
  • Sourcing wood and things to consider
  • How to get the best spoon from wood
  • Concepts of spoon design
  • Demonstration of axe work (Hands on yourself at the end of the day, time permitting)
  • Different safe grips, cutting stokes and other aspects while working on your own spoon
  • Dealing with issues of green wood carving while working the wood
  • Knives and knife sharpening
  • Finishing coatings

The day progresses at a gentle pace, with plenty of one-on-one attention that is only possible in a small group workshop environment.

We carve together, with tool work clearly demonstrated and students work followed to ensure safe and effective tool use.

We take a break for morning tea and afternoon tea (supplied) and lunch (bring your own).

At the end of the day you will have an eating spoon, or a cooking spoon or a serving  spoon that is very close to completion for you to take home.

Tools available for purchase at the end of the day –  $130 for the two knives so you can do final cuts and move on to new spoons. ($145 if left handed).

I also have optional purchases:

  • A 50mm bent knife (good for larger bowls – $60)
  • Specialist carving hatchet – $125 without cover, $160 with cover (cost price – imported from UK)

Workshops run from 9-4-4:30.

Current class sizes are limited to four to allow maximum interaction.

Tuition fee:

  • Toowoomba $120,
  • Brisbane $150,
  • Sunshine/Gold Coast $160

Questions? Please feel free to Email me  or call 0409 349 752

Next workshops

  • Saturday October 26 FULLY BOOKED
  • Sunday November 10

**If you have 2-4 people and want to nominate your own date I’m happy to consider it.

Spoon carving workshops Brisbane, Gold/Sunshine Coast.  I will travel and conduct a workshop (minimum 4 people and extra fee applies). You need to provide the venue – backyard with shade will do.

NEW: You can now also purchase a Gift Voucher for a workshop.

Step 1. Please complete this form

Also to ask a question

Are you left handed?

Step 2. Pay  deposit

No. People

Final $100 cash on day. Tools available for purchase – $130 for the two knives.

If you can arrange two people, I can do other dates by arrangement

About your tutor

Matt has been carving spoons since 2016. Using skills developed over that time (over 2500 hours carving), Matt has carved a wide variety of spoons using various timbers on almost a full-time basis.

Spoons are sold around the world for practical use and collection.

spoon carving tutor



with top quality leather cover.

White wood sauce spoon with leaf motif

Perfect for stirring sauce and maybe also as a tasting spoon, this attractive spoon is further enhanced by a leaf motif kolrosed into the handle meaning it will never wear off.

Finished using food safe and durable kunos oil.

Crafted by hand using traditional techniques.

Length  25cm (10″) Bowl 6 x 3.8cm

For sale at $35 including post Australia-wide.


$25 if local pickup Toowoomba. Overseas and local buyers please contact me.

tasting spoon

Grained wattle stirring spoon

This pretty spoon has not only an attractive and functional shape, it also has a lovely grain pattern.

Perfect for stirring sauces and a generously deep bowl to serve sauces.

Finished with food safe raw linseed oil, this spoon will provide years of service.

Crafted by hand using traditional techniques.

Length  23cm (9″) Bowl 5 x 3.5cm

For sale at $35 including post Australia-wide.


$25 if local pickup Toowoomba. Overseas and local buyers please contact me.

Grained wattle stirring spoon

Grained wattle stirring spoon

Decorated curvy Melaleuca spoon

This decorated curvy Melaleuca wood spoon is attractive while also  totally functional.

Leaf patter has been permanently kolrosed into the handle.

Finished with food safe flaxseed oil – has no taste impact.

Length  219cm (7 1/2″) Bowl 48 x 35mm

For sale at $35 including post Australia-wide.


$25 if local pickup Toowoomba. Overseas and local buyers please contact me.

Decorated curvy melaleuca spoon Decorated curvy melaleuca spoon

Black Wattle stirring – measuring spoon

This spoon with striking contrast is ideal for accurately measuring 1 teaspoon as it is for stirring sauces.

The handle length makes it ideal for use with most smaller saucepans.

Hand made using traditional tools and techniques it also has a flattened end in case you need to shift overheated food from the bottom of the saucepan!

Finished with food safe flaxseed oil for enhancement and durability.

Length  24cm (9 1/2″) Bowl 45 x 35mm

For sale at $35 including post Australia-wide.


$25 if local pickup Toowoomba. Overseas and local buyers please contact me.

black wattle stirring - measuring spoon


Quirky Acacia Spoon

Featuring a fun shape following the natural grain of acacia timer, this spoon has nice contrast between the darker heartwood and the lighter sapwood.

Ideal for stirring and other cooking tasks, it would be a great addition to any kitchen, especially those who like the rustic and hand-made look.

Overall 360mm –  bowl 80x44mm

hand made acacia spoon for sale hand made acacia spoon for sale hand made acacia spoon for sale

Price $35 plus post or pickup Toowoomba