Not so much a spoon, as an artwork

This attractive spoon is handmade from from rare black Macadamia wood. (The same species as the buts ciome from).

The price reflects the extreme rareness of this colouration and the delicate work require in its creation.

This spoon features a serpentine handle featuring amazing grain pattern medullary rays radiating out , rounded bowl that continues the radiating medullary ray spread throughout the piece.

  • Height: 1.2 Centimetres
  • Width: 5.5 Centimetres
  • Depth: 8 Centimetres

Price $75 including shipping Australia-wide  .


Bent Spoon for arthritis, rheumatic hands, grip cutlery

This attractive bent spoon disability aid spoon is handmade from Cotoneaster wood sustainably harvested from an urban tree in Queensland.

This spoon features a sweeping curved handle end and large easy-grip handle that is perfect for those with restricted grip or wrist movement due to arthritis, rheumatic arthritis, decreased mobility, injury etc.

Totally hand crafted, this wooden spoon is the item for someone not wanting to use an institutional looking item of cutlery

Spoon handle measures 140mm (5 1/2″) bowl 40mm (1 1/2″) x 65mm (2 1/2″)

Price $35 including shipping Australia-wide  .


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Bottle brush one teaspoon measure – arthritis friendly

This nice one teaspoon measure spoon has a larger handle to allow better grip for people with arthritis or other issues with holding smaller items, but still wants to cook.

Of course it is also great for someone wanting a measuring spoon with a difference!

Made from bottle brush timber from a garden pruning that would have otherwise ended up in the chipper, it has been up-purpased to a useful item that will last for many years.

Finished with linseed oil and beeswax, it fits comfortably in the hand.

Measures:  Length 220mm (8 3/4″)

Buy today $30 (includes postage Australia-wide). 

     Local pickup (Toowoomba) by arrangement (-$10).

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Two eating spoons – Crepe Myrtle

Two eating spoons – Crepe Myrtle

The product is made from sustainable harvested Crepe Myrtle wood and is 100% environmentally friendly. Beautifully proportioned for holding and using. The bowls are just the right depth and the handles have a chamfer on each edge for comfortable holding.

The timber features interesting grain and the size is perfect for everyday eating. Eating using a wooden spoon is wonderful!

Measurements: Length 180mm (7″) – Bowl 55mmx40mm (2″x1.5″)

Price: $40 for the pair including postage postage world-wide.

Local pickup (Toowoomba) by arrangement

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