Eucalyptus cooking spoon – medium size

It is not common that I carve Eucalyptus – it is a difficult timber in many ways. However, I did throw caution to the wind and lugged home a few bits from  a tree that snapped in half in a storm.

One of the benefits is its durability – there are instances of the timber used outside over 100 years ago and the timber, while weather generally maintains its integrity. What better for a spoon to last a lifetime, or more….

Another benefit that is also shown in this item is the wonder rich grain and deep colour of the wood.

The spoon is a generous 310mm in length with an 80x45mm bowl backed by a gentle curve leading to the resat of the handle. As is normal with many eucalyptus, there is a resin feature on the handle.

Price $40. Overseas buyers please contact me.

Postage extra.

Local Toowoomba, Qld pickup by arrangement.

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