Hickory Wattle cooking spoon #1

This beautiful Hickory Wattle cooking spoon  is perfectly shaped for getting in and giving things like paella, a good stir.

It features light sapwood down one side contrasting beautifully with the dark heartwood and the small feature of the little knot.

This spoon will provide decades of service, and be integral for the creation of amazing meals for family and friends!

Every spoon is custom made with the final design based on the individual piece of wood.

All work is by hand thus providing an authentic bespoke craftsman item.

Finished in food safe flaxseed oil.

Perfect for yourself or as Christmas, housewarming or birthday gift.

Length 205mm, bowl 115 x 58mm.

For sale: $60 including postage Australia-wide included ($50 local Toowoomba pickup)

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