Small and tea spoons (for sale)

Small spoons are always useful. There is often a cup of tea or coffee that needs a spoon to measure sugar and/or stir the milk. Wooden spoons are perfect and a joy to use!

These small handcrafted wooden spoons are a welcome addition to any kitchen or tea room.

Often these spoons can be carved from odd bits of wood. Bigger spoons require a bit more effort to access larger branches or logs, but small spoons can come from a fallen branch, backyard trimming or even in some cases, from wood chip piles.

They are sealed with food grade linseed oil (this actually hardens so no oily feel).

Great as gifts, birthday, retirement, wedding or even just ‘thank-you!’

Small serving spoon

This is carved from a sliver of camphor laurel found in a wood chip pile. It was only recently cut and the aroma during carving was great.

Its shape, especially at the end of the handle echoes the extent of the wood. Length 16cm. Scoop measure 1/2 teaspoon.

Buy now $16 posted Australia-wide (PayPal and credit cards through Payapal)


small measuring spoon from camphor laurel small measuring spoon from camphor laurel


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