Wooden serving spoons – for sale

Hand crafted using just a small tomahawk and special spoon carving knives, these attractive serving spoons are unique one-of-a-kind items.

Finished with a light coat of food grade linseed oil, these spoons would make a great addition to any home.

Buy for yourself or as a totally unique gift for wedding or birthday gift idea.

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Spoon A1

Detailed with two roundings, this spoon maintains a small link to its original bark

Measuring  31 cm in length it started life as a privet tree. Don’t worry the timber is NOT poisonous.

Buy today $30 (includes postage Australia-wide). 


wooden spoon A1 for sale wooden spoon A1 detail australian wooden spoon handcrafted australian timber wooden spoon


Spoon A2

Featuring a good hungry bowl size perfect for serving soup, stew, porridge etc.

This attractive spoon is 30.5 cm long.

Buy today   SOLD

beautiful artisan serving spoon detail of artisan serving spoon rear detail of australian timber serving spoon








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