Feather close up

The beauty of birds is undeniable. Call, shapes and colours provide a rich tapestry in our cities and countryside.

But to get up close with a feather can reveal many intricacies.

Here is a feather of an unknown species that provide a wonderful mix of colour and form. Almost architectural in design and engineered to perfection.

feather close up - instant download.

This image is for sale for instant download for personal use only (without large watermark).

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Specialist printing and framing is available for Australian and USA customers. Commercial use available. Please email me mattATplusone.com.au (replace AT with @)

Kookaburra in tree

Almost as iconic of Australia as the kangaroo, the kookaburra forms a close link to the bush even in urban areas. At times, if you get close, they seem to connect with you, even across space and time through the magic of photography. If you want to connect, no matter where you are, now you can.

kookaburra photo

Image size 18×24 inches. $10 for private use only.

This image is available for digital download without watermark, ready to print.

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