Path in the grass

Near the summit of the Great Dividing range, a place near to my home I found this path through a sea of late winter grass heads. While attractive in colour, it took on a mystical feel in black and white.

Path through the grass

This image is proportioned for a up to a 9×14 or 18×28  inch print. A print with black matting looks amazing.

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This image is available for instant digital download without watermark, ready to print.

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If you wish to purchase a framed or canvas of this image. Please contact me.


Self Portrait

With selfies being so prevalent these days the concept of taking a self portrait is perhaps somewhat tainted.

However the process of taking a considered photo of yourself is one that allows the opportunity to test and experience not only poses but also the emotion of being the subject, something a bit foreign when you are the person normally holding the camera!

So it was in this instance. I am luck enough that my lounge has two large windows allowing for good lighting without any extra effort. So it was that I could experiment with several poses and expressions.

Finally I came up with this, perhaps rather bland expression – perhaps I was to involved in the technical aspects than thinking about a favourite time or place!

self portrait - BW