Water lily flowers

Water lilies are loved for their striking flowers that add colour to shallow pools of water…a real contradiction of a flower away from the soil.

Photographed in late afternoon light, here are two pink water lilies that reside in the wetland of West Creek Park in Toowoomba, Queensland Australia.

The water lily photograph is suited to any home seeking a striking image that also maintains it link to calmness associated with lotus and lilies.

Water lily photo for sale

The image is 13×8.5 inches but will print smaller or to 4x this size quite comfortably. There is room for cropping for other formats (i.e. it can also be printed square, 10×12 etc). You can have this printed at any place that prints photos.

$10 for private use only.

This photo is available for sale as a digital download without large watermark or thin black border, ready to print.

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Note: Canvas prints or professionally framed prints can be arranged for Australian and USA customers. Please contact me.




White flowers around blue

On the Republic of Georgia’s Black Sea coast is a very big botanic gardens. During the soviet empire it was renowned at the best there was and today remains testament to the vision of its establishment in the 1880s.

The local tourist office said allow 2-3 hours. I was there for six and could have easily returned the next day as there was so much to see.

Featuring diverse geographic zones, this attractive cluster of flowers which were all in the SAME bloom, were beside an abandoned building.

White and blue flowers

This photograph is for sale at just $10 for private use only.

This image is available for digital download without large watermark, ready to print. Image size suits printing at 10×14 inches or larger and would look magnificent on any wall.

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If you wish to purchase a framed or canvas of this image. Please contact me.