Wooden flower making class for kids


If your child likes whittling sticks to points, or otherwise reducing sticks to shavings using their pocketknife, this workshop might suit them down to the ground.

Wooden flower making with cover:

  • Types of wood
  • Best time to carve the wood (a bit dry but not too much)
  • Knife safety
  • Hands on – lets make flowers!…with the usual fails as part of the learning process.

This course is for ages 9 and up. A parent/guardian MUST also attend. This is so there eyes are on every child all the time and also so that more flowers can be made later at home with someone else who has seen how to do it.

Class lasts 1.5 hrs

Wood is supplied but each child needs to bring a sharp pocket knife or paring knife of a size appropriate to the child’s hands (i.e. small)

Price $25 per child – max 6 in the class

Booking – sorry class is full

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    Wooden Flower Making Workshop


    Kids flower making workshop per child (max 2 per family)


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    dyed gypsie flowers

    whittled flowers

    Important information

    This workshop involves the use of sharp knives. As such, though low, there is a risk of injury. The participating parent or guardian is responsible to maintain a close what on their charge as the tutor will be circulating assisting everyone and therefor cannot keep eyes on every child. This risk needs to be acknowledged and accepted when booking.

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