Spoon carving workshops

spoon carving class

Spoon carving sisters – more workshop pics at bottom of the page

Learn how to carve your own wooden spoon using traditional techniques and your own hands by attending this small group one day workshop led by your tutor, Matt Eliason (AKA Spoonguy) who has over 3,000 hours experience in spoon carving.

Held in Toowoomba, (an easy 1.5 hr drive from Brisbane if you are there!) the workshop covers:

  • Types of wood
  • Sourcing wood and things to consider
  • How to get the best spoon from wood
  • Concepts of spoon design
  • Demonstration of axe work (Hands on yourself at the end of the day, time permitting)
  • Different safe grips, cutting stokes and other aspects while working on your own spoon
  • Dealing with issues of green wood carving while working the wood
  • Knives and knife sharpening
  • Finishing coatings

The day progresses at a gentle pace, with plenty of one-on-one attention that is only possible in a small group workshop environment.

We carve together, with tool work clearly demonstrated and students work followed to ensure safe and effective tool use.

We take a break for morning tea and afternoon tea (supplied) and lunch (bring your own).

At the end of the day you will have an eating spoon, or a cooking spoon or a serving  spoon that is very close to completion for you to take home.

Tools available for purchase at the end of the day –  $130 for the two knives so you can do final cuts and move on to new spoons. ($145 if left handed).

I also have optional purchases:

  • A 50mm bent knife (good for larger bowls – $60)
  • Specialist carving hatchet – $125 without cover, $160 with cover (cost price – imported from UK)

Workshops run from 9-4-4:30.

Current class sizes are limited to four to allow maximum interaction.

Tuition fee:

  • Toowoomba $120,
  • Brisbane $150,
  • Sunshine/Gold Coast $160

Questions? Please feel free to Email me  or call 0409 349 752

Next workshops

  • August 18 – Sunday – Toowoomba – one spot left
  • September – TBA

**If you have 2-4 people and want to nominate your own date I’m happy to consider it.

Spoon carving workshops Brisbane, Gold/Sunshine Coast.  I will travel and conduct a workshop (minimum 4 people and extra fee applies). You need to provide the venue – backyard with shade will do.

NEW: You can now also purchase a Gift Voucher for a workshop.

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Step 2. Pay  deposit

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Final $100 cash on day. Tools available for purchase – $130 for the two knives.

If you can arrange two people, I can do other dates by arrangement

About your tutor

Matt has been carving spoons since 2016. Using skills developed over that time (over 2500 hours carving), Matt has carved a wide variety of spoons using various timbers on almost a full-time basis.

Spoons are sold around the world for practical use and collection.

spoon carving tutor



with top quality leather cover.

Natural finish peach wood ladle

Made from gifted peach wood timber from Toowoomba’s CBD, this amazing ladle retains all the maker’s marks and is sold naked, that is without any coating for those wanting a totally natural product.

Fashioned from trunk and branch to allow the acute angles without compromising strength, this item can be used as-is or you can finish with a coating of your choice.

Overall length 325mm, bowl 65mm x55mm

Buy today for $45 post included Australia-wide. Local pickup, $35. Overseas buyers please contact me.


Black wattle unsymmetrical cooking spoon

This black wattle cooking serving spoon fits beautifully in the hand and will be a joy to use with its offset handle. As a customer once said, “I enjoy cooking more using your spoons” and these offset spoons are certainly popular.

The bowl is designed to allow easy serving and cooking using the broadside and the sharper corner is ideal for getting close to the edge of the pot or saucepan

The grain pattern is pleasing to the eye and the durability of the timber means this spoon has the potential to become a family heirloom!

Overall length 345mm, bowl 100mm x 80mm

Finished with food-safe natural linseed oil.

For sale at $50 including post Australia-wide, or$40 local pickup Toowoomba. Overseas buyers please contact me.

Darkened Macadamia wood spoon

Heat treated to highlight the amazing flecks in the handle of this unique spoon, the lines of this spoon not only make it look attractive mut also a wonderfully ergonomic result.

Fashioned using only axe and knives in its hand crafting, it has a food-safe durable finish.

Note, this product MAY affect those with nut allergies.

Overall length 340mm including the cute filial on the end. Bowl 95mm x 65mm

For sale at $50 including post Australia-wide,  $30 for local pickup Toowoomba. Overseas buyers please contact me.



Brazilian Pepper cooking serving spoons

These spoons were carved from wood from a tree I planted over 25 years ago for my children to climb in. Now it is the source of some special wood to create a custom wooden spoon. Featuring a a quirky wiggle in the neck of the spoon, they are sold individually or as a pair and ideal for your use or as a memorable gift.

Length 290mm (11.5″) with bowl 85x50mm

Finished with food-safe natural linseed oil.

For sale at $40 each including post Australia-wide, or both bor $70.  $30 ea local pickup Toowoomba. Overseas buyers please contact me.

  One spoon


  Both $70


White wood sauce spoon with leaf motif

Perfect for stirring sauce and maybe also as a tasting spoon, this attractive spoon is further enhanced by a leaf motif kolrosed into the handle meaning it will never wear off.

Finished using food safe and durable kunos oil.

Crafted by hand using traditional techniques.

Length  25cm (10″) Bowl 6 x 3.8cm

For sale at $35 including post Australia-wide.


$25 if local pickup Toowoomba. Overseas and local buyers please contact me.

tasting spoon

Beautiful white wood spoon

Featuring sweeping lines this elegant white wood kitchen cooking spoon is ideal for cooking or serving small quantities.

Made from privet wood, often known as a garden plant or invasive plant, the timber is durable yet light in weight.

Featuring a natural knife finish and having several coats of food-safe linseed oil.

This spoon is 315mm long – bowl 75x60mm.

privet cooking spoon

white spoon

spoon photo

Price $30 plus post

Not so much spoons, as works of art

Spoon with a twist

How’s this for a twisted item! Plenty of knife work went into getting the corkscrew twist into this piece of native cherry.

More decorative that usable, other than the twist this item also features attractive colour.

Overall length 350mm

Buy today for $60 post included Australia-wide. Local pickup, $50. Overseas buyers please contact me.


Twisted Native Cherry spoon

Black Macadamia Spoon

This attractive spoon is handmade from from rare black Macadamia wood. (The same species as the nuts come from).

The price reflects the extreme rareness of this colouration and the delicate work require in its creation.

This spoon features a serpentine handle featuring amazing grain pattern medullary rays radiating out , rounded bowl that continues the radiating medullary ray spread throughout the piece.

      • Height: 1.2 Centimetres
      • Width: 5.5 Centimetres
    • Depth: 8 Centimetres

Price $75 including shipping Australia-wide .


Ancient Eucalyptus Stick Spoon

This ancient Eucalyptus stick spoon is a perfect item for the collector of the unusual/ novel collectibles.

Crafted from an ancient branch, t features a hollowed out knot hole, a heavily eroded side and a side that shows glorious deep red colours in sunlight.

The item has been finished with several coats of special vegetable gum sealer that gives the item a natural sheen.

It is 165mm in length.

Price $85 including shipping Australia-wide.


Sold Leichhardt Tree Root Spoon

SOLD  White acacia stick spoon

SOLD Eucalyptus Stick Spoon

This quirky Eucalyptus stick spoon is a perfect item for the collector of the unusual/ novel collectibles.

Galley of Items (SOLD)

This is a small selection of items sold. Many, many sell at markets and are never photographed

Hand crafted using just a small tomahawk and special spoon carving knives, these attractive serving spoons are unique one-of-a-kind items.

Finished with a light coat of food grade linseed oil or kunos oil.

Commissions accepted for yourself or as a totally unique Christmas gift, wedding or birthday gift idea.