Grevillea- a showman flower

The Grevillea isĀ  flowering shrub that is common to many areas of Australia. Flowers vary in colour from a creamy white to a deep red and shades in between.

A favourite of native birds who drink the nectar as well as those who know that the flower can be tapped against the hand to dislodge the sugary fluid.

The example here indicates how the image could look framed. The download photo for print is the flower image only, without white border or wording and without large watermark.

White border and wording can be added at additional cost.

This print would look great on walls where colour and vibrance is needed.

grevillea digital print

Sample potential framed look

Purchase for private use only with a small watermark in the lower left corner. Suit print sizr 12″x9″, 24″x18″ etc pr cropped to suit.

Commercial enquiries welcome.

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If you would like to purchase a framed or canvas print of this image please contact me at (change AT to @)