Wild maiden hair fern

Australia’s Great Dividing¬† Range that runs near my home provides several ecosystems and within those, countless smaller ecosystems.¬† In this small landscape, an overhanging rock provided an opportunity for some delicate fauna and flora.

The Maidenhair fern prefers a moist and protected environment and the local spider can cast its web without concern of in inadvertent damage from large animals or wind-blown debris.

The result is an enchanting scene with gentle light illuminating the leaves, rock and intricate spider’s web.

photo for sale - maidenhair fern

This image is priced at $10 for private use only.

Suits printing at 8×12 or 16×24 inches.

This image is available for instant digital download without watermark, ready to print.


If you wish to purchase a framed or canvas of this image. Please contact me via mattATplusoneDOTcomDOTau  (replace the capitals with relevant items!)


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