Not so much a spoon, as an artwork

This attractive spoon is handmade from from rare black Macadamia wood. (The same species as the buts ciome from).

The price reflects the extreme rareness of this colouration and the delicate work require in its creation.

This spoon features a serpentine handle featuring amazing grain pattern medullary rays radiating out , rounded bowl that continues the radiating medullary ray spread throughout the piece.

  • Height: 1.2 Centimetres
  • Width: 5.5 Centimetres
  • Depth: 8 Centimetres

Price $75 including shipping Australia-wide  .


Bent Spoon for arthritis, rheumatic hands, grip cutlery

This attractive bent spoon disability aid spoon is handmade from Cotoneaster wood sustainably harvested from an urban tree in Queensland.

This spoon features a sweeping curved handle end and large easy-grip handle that is perfect for those with restricted grip or wrist movement due to arthritis, rheumatic arthritis, decreased mobility, injury etc.

Totally hand crafted, this wooden spoon is the item for someone not wanting to use an institutional looking item of cutlery

Spoon handle measures 140mm (5 1/2″) bowl 40mm (1 1/2″) x 65mm (2 1/2″)

Price $35 including shipping Australia-wide  .


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Brazilian Pepper wood whale

This delightful hand crafted wooden whale styled along the lines of a humpback whale or bow head whale  is the perfect gift for birthday gift retirement gift, house warming gift, wedding or anniversary gift.

Or buy it for yourself, just because you love it!

The item features a unique design, following the natural tendency of the wood. The item’s natural grain flows along the whale’s flanks and flukes that exhibits a wonderful flow and movement. It will make a wonderful display piece.

length 135mm (5.25″)
35mmx60mm ( 1 1/4″x2 1/4″)

Price $55 incl domestic shipping . 


Great White Shark original wooden sculpture (For Sale)


This hand carved art sculpture of a Great White Shark is made from Australian Lilly Pilly timber.

The item is one-off has been made using only carving axe and specialist knives. No power tools.

The timber has a raw wood finish that features other tool marks and slight imperfections that liken the sculpture to a real shark with life scars!

The object can be wall mounted or affixed to a board. The item does not include wall fixtures or backboard.

The item can be finished in a natural plant oil finish at small extra cost.
Length 215mm (8.5″”)

Can be shipped world-wide

Price $85 incl domestic shipping 

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Spoon carving workshops

beautiful artisan serving spoon

Learn how to carve a wooden spoon using traditio0nal techniques by attending this small group one day workshop led by your tutor with over 2,500 hours experience in spoon carving.

Held in Toowoomba, (an easy 1.5 hr drive from Brisbane if you are there!) the workshop covers:

  • Types of wood
  • Sourcing wood and things to consider
  • How to get the best spoon from wood
  • Concepts of spoon design
  • Demonstration of axe work
  • Different safe grips, cutting stokes and other aspects while working on your own spoon
  • Dealing with issues of green wood carving while working the wood
  • Knives and knife maintenance
  • Finishing coatings

The day progresses at a gentle pace, with plenty of one-on-one attention that is only possible in a small group workshop environment.

We carve together with tool work clearly demonstrated and students work followed to ensure safe and effective tool use.

We take a break for morning tea and afternoon tea (supplied) and lunch (bring your own).

At the end of the day you will have an eating spoon, or a cooking spoon or a serving  spoon that is very close to completion for you to take home.

You can purchase knives used on the day at cost price.

Workshops run from 9-4 or 9.30-4.30 if participants are traveling to attend.

Current class sizes are limited to three so as to allow maximum interaction.

Cost $120

Questions? Please feel free to Email me  or call 0409 349 752

Next workshop

Please fill in the form below as an Expression of Interest and include several dates you might be available.

Suggested dates (weather permitting):

June 23 (Saturday) ONE spot remaining

July 8 (Sunday) SOLD OUT

August (4 Saturday)

July 28 (Saturday)

If you have 2-3 people and want to nominate your own date I’m happy to consider it.

Out of town?  I will travel and conduct a workshop (minimum 4 people and extra fee applied).

No need to pay a deposit for an Expression of Interest.

Please complete this form

Are you left handed?

Next pay  deposit

No. People

Final $100 cash on day. Tools available for purchase after $110 for the two knives.

If you can arrange two people, I can do other dates by arrangement

About your tutor

Matt has been carving spoons since 2016. Using skills developed over that time (over 2500 hours carving), Matt has carved a wide variety of spoons using various timbers on almost a full-time basis.

Spoons are sold around the world for practical use and collection.

spoon carver

A happy participant

Bottle brush one teaspoon measure – arthritis friendly

This nice one teaspoon measure spoon has a larger handle to allow better grip for people with arthritis or other issues with holding smaller items, but still wants to cook.

Of course it is also great for someone wanting a measuring spoon with a difference!

Made from bottle brush timber from a garden pruning that would have otherwise ended up in the chipper, it has been up-purpased to a useful item that will last for many years.

Finished with linseed oil and beeswax, it fits comfortably in the hand.

Measures:  Length 220mm (8 3/4″)

Buy today $30 (includes postage Australia-wide). 

     Local pickup (Toowoomba) by arrangement (-$10).

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Beautiful snake inspired cooking spoon – Pecan timber

Beautiful snake inspired cooking spoon – Pecan timber

This attractive curved round handled Pecan timber spoon is handmade with a unique serpent shape in the neck of the handle and a snake shaped head, making it truly unique.

The off-white timber features subtle dark flecks.

Length 300mm (12″) Bowl 70mm (2 3/4″) x 45mm (1 3/4″)

Buy today $55 (includes postage Australia-wide). 

   Local pickup (Toowoomba) by arrangement.

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Curved spoon with leaf decoration and attractive bowl – Pecan tree wood

Curved spoon with leaf decoration and attractive bowl – Pecan tree wood

This attractive spoon is handmade from the timber of the edible nut tree – the Pecan Tree.

This spoon features a sweeping curved handle, rounded bowl with the accent and leaf motif on the end of the handle

Spoon measures 325mm (12 1/2″) bowl 65mm (2 1/2″) x 90mm (3 1/2″)

Buy today $70 (includes postage Australia-wide). 

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Serving ladle – unusual white olive wood

Serving ladle – unusual white olive wood

This serving spoon/ ladle is rare because the olive timber is white rather the the brown patterned timber normally associated with olive wood.

The curved handle is an absolute joy to hold and fits the hand perfectly.

Perfect for use in the kitchen for serving various foods or as a feature piece.

It is sold in its raw timber state, but a coat of natural hardening oil can be applied if you wish.

Length 285mm (11.25″)
Bowl 75x55mm (2.9×2.2″)

Buy today $100 (includes postage Australia-wide). 

  Local pickup (Toowoomba) by arrangement


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Serving ladle – Brisbane Golden Wattle

Serving ladle – Brisbane Golden Wattle

Beautiful hand carved deep round bowl serving spoon made from unusual Brisbane Golden Wattle.

Deep round bowl is well suited to serving liquids. Other uses: wooden ladle, ice cream scoop.

This wooden serving spoon fits the hand beautifully! You will LOVE this item 🙂

Measures 25.5cm in length, Bowl 8x8cm

Treated with organic linseed oil.

Price: $65 including postage Australia-wide 

Local pickup (Toowoomba) by arrangement

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