Spoon carving workshops

beautiful artisan serving spoon

Learn how to carve a wooden spoon by attending this small group one day workshop.

Held in Toowoomba, (an easy 1.5 hr drive from Brisbane) the workshop covers:

  • Types of wood
  • Sourcing wood and things to consider
  • How to get the best spoon from wood
  • Concepts of spoon design
  • Demonstration of axe work
  • Different grips, cutting stokes and other aspects while working on your own spoon
  • Dealing with issues of green wood carving while working the wood
  • Knives and knife maintenance
  • Finishing coatings

We take a break for morning tea and afternoon tea (supplied) and lunch (bring your own).

At the end of the day you will have an eating spoon, or a cooking spoon or a serving  spoon that is very close to completion for you to take home.

You can purchase knives used on the day at cost price.

Workshops run from 9-4 or 9.30-4.30 if participants are traveling to attend.

Current class sizes are limited to two so as to allow maximum interaction.

Cost $120

Questions? Please feel free to Email me

Next workshop

May  19 (Saturday)  .  


If you can arrange two people, other dates by arrangement


spoon carver

A happy participant

Bottle brush one teaspoon measure – arthritis friendly

This nice one teaspoon measure spoon has a larger handle to allow better grip for people with arthritis or other issues with holding smaller items, but still wants to cook.

Of course it is also great for someone wanting a measuring spoon with a difference!

Made from bottle brush timber from a garden pruning that would have otherwise ended up in the chipper, it has been up-purpased to a useful item that will last for many years.

Finished with linseed oil and beeswax, it fits comfortably in the hand.

Measures:  Length 220mm (8 3/4″)

Buy today $30 (includes postage Australia-wide). 

     Local pickup (Toowoomba) by arrangement (-$10).

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Beautiful snake inspired cooking spoon – Pecan timber

Beautiful snake inspired cooking spoon – Pecan timber

This attractive curved round handled Pecan timber spoon is handmade with a unique serpent shape in the neck of the handle and a snake shaped head, making it truly unique.

The off-white timber features subtle dark flecks.

Length 300mm (12″) Bowl 70mm (2 3/4″) x 45mm (1 3/4″)

Buy today $55 (includes postage Australia-wide). 

   Local pickup (Toowoomba) by arrangement.

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Curved spoon with leaf decoration and attractive bowl – Pecan tree wood

Curved spoon with leaf decoration and attractive bowl – Pecan tree wood

This attractive spoon is handmade from the timber of the edible nut tree – the Pecan Tree.

This spoon features a sweeping curved handle, rounded bowl with the accent and leaf motif on the end of the handle

Spoon measures 325mm (12 1/2″) bowl 65mm (2 1/2″) x 90mm (3 1/2″)

Buy today $70 (includes postage Australia-wide). 

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Serving ladle – unusual white olive wood

Serving ladle – unusual white olive wood

This serving spoon/ ladle is rare because the olive timber is white rather the the brown patterned timber normally associated with olive wood.

The curved handle is an absolute joy to hold and fits the hand perfectly.

Perfect for use in the kitchen for serving various foods or as a feature piece.

It is sold in its raw timber state, but a coat of natural hardening oil can be applied if you wish.

Length 285mm (11.25″)
Bowl 75x55mm (2.9×2.2″)

Buy today $100 (includes postage Australia-wide). 

  Local pickup (Toowoomba) by arrangement


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Serving ladle – Brisbane Golden Wattle

Serving ladle – Brisbane Golden Wattle

Beautiful hand carved deep round bowl serving spoon made from unusual Brisbane Golden Wattle.

Deep round bowl is well suited to serving liquids. Other uses: wooden ladle, ice cream scoop.

This wooden serving spoon fits the hand beautifully! You will LOVE this item 🙂

Measures 25.5cm in length, Bowl 8x8cm

Treated with organic linseed oil.

Price: $65 including postage Australia-wide 

Local pickup (Toowoomba) by arrangement

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Two eating spoons – Crepe Myrtle

Two eating spoons – Crepe Myrtle

The product is made from sustainable harvested Crepe Myrtle wood and is 100% environmentally friendly. Beautifully proportioned for holding and using. The bowls are just the right depth and the handles have a chamfer on each edge for comfortable holding.

The timber features interesting grain and the size is perfect for everyday eating. Eating using a wooden spoon is wonderful!

Measurements: Length 180mm (7″) – Bowl 55mmx40mm (2″x1.5″)

Price: $40 for the pair including postage postage world-wide.

Local pickup (Toowoomba) by arrangement

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Beautiful Australian native Lilly Pilly wood small bowl

Beautiful Australian native Lilly Pilly wood small bowl

Beautiful small wooden bowl hand made from Australian native Lilly Pilly timber. This is a natural timber wood item from a sustainable source.

Featuring a bowl with an organic rim and attractive grain, the sides retain the bark. The item has been heat treated to kill any pathogens. Perfect for potpourri in the bathroom, ear-rings or rings at the makeup table, small change or as a conversation piece in any other room.

I personally hand carved it to become a shallow wooden bowl just using knives and sanded to a smooth finish before having several coats of natural vegetable gums to give it a durable and shiny finish.
If you want a wonderful timber item, this is for you! (or as a gift 😉 ) It is so nice I hate to sell it!

Dimensions: 125mm (5in) x 80mm (3 1/4in) minimum depth 15mm

Price: $45 including postage Australia and world-wide








In keeping with my leaning to marine creatures that breath air there is also the turtle. So I whittled some turtles from wood. This differs from carving wood in that I use a pocket knife, not chisels.

Turtles are a ubiquitous sea creature found in tropical and subtropical waters. Perhaps it is their journey from the sandy nests on beaches as small, cute creatures. So my first effort was to mimic one of these hatchlings.

So far I have used smaller scraps of timber to create my small fish. Oddly, I have found them to be rather more involved than they seem Turtle hatchling from timber from local park. Approx 5cm long.

small turtle whittled from timber

Below is a leatherback turtle – made from paperbark wood. Beeswax finish.

greeback turtle carving





Sold items small spoons

I’m listing sold items so you can see what’s possible. It is possible because its been done. See the small spoons category for current items for sale.

Medium and small hand crafted wooden spoons are always useful. There is often a cup of tea or coffee that needs a spoon to measure sugar and/or stir the milk. Artisan wooden spoons are perfect and a joy to use!

These medium and small hand-crafted wooden spoons provide a welcome addition to any kitchen, dining room or tea room.

Often these spoons can be carved from odd bits of wood. Bigger spoons require a bit more effort to access larger branches or logs, but small spoons can come from a fallen branch, backyard trimming or even in some cases, from wood chip piles.

They are sealed with food grade linseed oil (this actually hardens so no oily feel).

Great as gifts for birthday, house warming, retirement, wedding or even just ‘thank-you!’

Long thin handle tea spoon – Brisbane Golden Wattle (SOLD)

Brisbane Golden Wattle stick handle teaspoon Brisbane Golden Wattle stick handle teaspoon

Free flowing spoon – Plum Wood (SOLD)

plum wood spoon

Attractive dark tea spoon – native Lilly Pilly (SOLD)

Unusual dark wood Australia Native Timber Lilly Pilly wooden tea spoon





1/2 teaspoon measure – native LillyPilly – (SOLD)

1/2 teaspoon measure - lilly pilly wood

Beautiful white spoon – Magnolia wood – (SOLD)

White Magnolia Spoon

Pair dessert size spoons – Cotoneaster – SOLD

artisan wooden spoon

Minimalist teaspoon – Eucalyptus wood SOLD

Small serving spoon SOLD

small measuring spoon from camphor laurel

Pair of Dessert spoons – Peach wood SOLD

peach wood spoons