Items I make from wood

Small and tea spoons (for sale)

Small and tea spoons (for sale)

Small spoons are always useful. There is often a cup of tea or coffee that needs a spoon to measure sugar and/or stir the milk. Wooden spoons are perfect and a joy to use! These small handcrafted wooden spoons are a welcome addition to any kitchen or tea room. Often these spoons can be carved […]

Wooden serving spoons - for sale

Wooden serving spoons – for sale

Hand crafted using just a small tomahawk and special spoon carving knives, these attractive serving spoons are unique one-of-a-kind items. Finished with a light coat of food grade linseed oil, these spoons would make a great addition to any home. Buy for yourself or as a totally unique gift for wedding or birthday gift idea. […]

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A pod of whales

UPDATED JAN 2017 I suppose collectively the images here represent a pod of whales. My whittling is done using a pocket knife, and sandpaper. I sometimes use a round file on tails where there is risk of the wood breaking. In desperate situations, such as the first whale on this page, I had to resort […]