Spoon carving workshops

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spoon carving class

Spoon carving sisters – more workshop pics at bottom of the page

Learn how to carve your own wooden spoon using traditional techniques and your own hands by attending this Toowoomba based  small group one day workshop led by your tutor, Matt Eliason (AKA Spoonguy) who has over 3,800 hours experience in spoon carving.

Held in Toowoomba, (an easy 1.5 hr drive from Brisbane if you are there!) the workshop covers:

  • Types of wood
  • Sourcing wood and things to consider
  • How to get the best spoon from wood
  • Concepts of spoon design
  • Demonstration of axe work (Hands on yourself at the end of the day, time permitting)
  • Different safe grips, cutting stokes and other aspects while working on your own spoon
  • Dealing with issues of green wood carving while working the wood
  • Knives and knife sharpening
  • Finishing coatings

The day progresses at a gentle pace, with plenty of one-on-one attention that is only possible in a small group workshop environment.

We carve together, with tool work clearly demonstrated and students work followed to ensure safe and effective tool use.

We take a break for morning tea and afternoon tea (supplied) and lunch (bring your own).

At the end of the day you will have an eating spoon, or a cooking spoon or a serving  spoon that is very close to completion for you to take home.

Tools available for purchase at the end of the day if you wish –  $150 for the two knives so you can do final cuts and move on to new spoons. ($155 if left handed).

I also have optional purchases:

  • A 50mm bent knife (good for larger bowls – $65)

Workshops run from 9am-4 pm

Current class sizes are limited to four to allow maximum interaction.

Tuition fee:

  • Toowoomba $150
  • Brisbane $175

Questions? Please feel free to Email me  or call 0409 349 752

Next workshops

    • Sunday 12 September – Toowoomba – 4 spots – make it part of your Carnival of Flowers weekend visit
    • Monday 13 September – Toowoomba – 2 spots – make it part of your Carnival of Flowers weekend visit
    • Sunday 17 October – Toowoomba – 4 spots

**If you have 3-4 people and want to nominate your own date I’m happy to consider it.

Spoon carving workshops Brisbane.  I will travel and conduct a workshop (minimum 4 people and extra fee applies). You need to provide the venue – backyard with shade will do.

NEW: You can now also purchase a Gift Voucher for a workshop.

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    Spoon carving workshop deposit per person


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    >Final $ cash on day. Tools available for purchase – $150 for the two knives.

    If you can arrange two people, I can do other dates by arrangement

    About your tutor

    Matt has been carving spoons since 2016. Using skills developed over that time (over 3000 hours carving), Matt has carved a wide variety of spoons using various timbers on almost a full-time basis.

    Spoons are sold around the world for practical use and collection.

    See my Youtube channel

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    spoon carving tutor


    Wooden flower making class for kids


    If your child likes whittling sticks to points, or otherwise reducing sticks to shavings using their pocketknife, this workshop might suit them down to the ground.

    Wooden flower making with cover:

    • Types of wood
    • Best time to carve the wood (a bit dry but not too much)
    • Knife safety
    • Hands on – lets make flowers!…with the usual fails as part of the learning process.

    This course is for ages 9 and up. A parent/guardian MUST also attend. This is so there eyes are on every child all the time and also so that more flowers can be made later at home with someone else who has seen how to do it.

    Class lasts 1.5 hrs

    Wood is supplied but each child needs to bring a sharp pocket knife or paring knife of a size appropriate to the child’s hands (i.e. small)

    Price $25 per child – max 6 in the class

    Booking – sorry class is full

    Please complete this form

      Wooden Flower Making Workshop


      Kids flower making workshop per child (max 2 per family)


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      dyed gypsie flowers

      whittled flowers

      Important information

      This workshop involves the use of sharp knives. As such, though low, there is a risk of injury. The participating parent or guardian is responsible to maintain a close what on their charge as the tutor will be circulating assisting everyone and therefor cannot keep eyes on every child. This risk needs to be acknowledged and accepted when booking.

      Beautiful Australian native cherry wood small bowls

      Beautiful Australian native  cherry small bowls

      Beautiful small wooden bowls hand made from Australian Native Cherry timber. This is a natural timber wood item from a sustainable source.

      Featuring a bowl with an organic rim and attractive grain, on the darker one sides retain the bark. The bowl with bark has been heat treated to kill any pathogens. Perfect for potpourri in the bathroom, ear-rings or rings at the makeup table, small change or as a conversation piece in any other room.

      I personally hand carved them to become a shallow wooden bowl just using knives and sanded to a smooth finish before having  coat of flaxseed and natural beeswax to give them a durable satin finish.

      If you want a wonderful timber item, this is for you! (or as a gift 😉 ).

      Dimensions: 110mm (5in) x 60mm (3 1/4in) minimum depth 15mm (approx).

      Price: $30 each including postage Australia and world-wide, discount for two. Contact me if you want both at $50.

      Both   SOLD

      Small wooden bowl






      Spoon carving workshop Gift Voucher

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      Spoon carving workshops are increasing in popularity.

      Many people who may not want to do a workshop themselves  but maybe they know someone who would.

      What better gift than a voucher for a traditional wood spoon carving workshop!

      Now you can gift the gift of a workshop by purchasing a voucher. These cover the cost of a workshop in Toowoomba.

      The recipient will be able to select one of the upcoming workshop dates (updated every month) and choose one to suit their timetable.

      Note: Vouchers are applicable to Toowoomba based workshops only.

      Purchase a voucher:

      Spoon Carving Workshop Gift Voucher


      Buy now

      spoon carving workshop voucher

      Please complete this form so we know your details and those of the recipient:

        Not so much spoons, as works of art

        Ancient Eucalyptus Stick Spoon

        This ancient Eucalyptus stick spoon is a perfect item for the collector of the unusual/ novel collectibles.

        Crafted from an ancient branch, t features a hollowed out knot hole, a heavily eroded side and a side that shows glorious deep red colours in sunlight.

        The item has been finished with several coats of special vegetable gum sealer that gives the item a natural sheen.

        It is 165mm in length.

        Price $85 including shipping Australia-wide.


        Sold Leichhardt Tree Root Spoon

        SOLD  White acacia stick spoon

        SOLD Eucalyptus Stick Spoon

        This quirky Eucalyptus stick spoon is a perfect item for the collector of the unusual/ novel collectibles.

        Shark wooden sculptures (For Sale)

        Shark sculptures

        All shark sculptures are hand carved. Custom orders taken

        Hammerhead shark

        Carved from Jacaranda timber, this hammerhead shark has been finished with raw linseed oil and natural beeswax.

        Price is A$60 incl postage to Australia –  overseas buyers please contact me.



        Half a great white shark

        This hand carved art sculpture of a Great White Shark is made from Australian Lilly Pilly timber.

        The item is one-off has been made using only carving axe and specialist knives. No power tools.

        The timber has a raw wood finish that features other tool marks and slight imperfections that liken the sculpture to a real shark with life scars!

        The object can be wall mounted or affixed to a board. The item includes basic wall hanging fixtures.

        The item can be finished in a natural plant oil finish at small extra cost.
        Length 215mm (8.5″”)

        Can be shipped world-wide

        Price $85 incl domestic shipping 

        Click images for larger

        Great White Shark on Stand (sold)

        I personally very much liked this Great White Shark sculpture.

        Hammerhead shark (sold)

        Several of these have been made. Custom orders accepted. Pricing A$50-70.

        Baby shark (sold)

        baby shark


        In keeping with my leaning to marine creatures that breath air there is also the turtle. So I whittled some turtles from wood. This differs from carving wood in that I use a pocket knife, not chisels.

        Turtles are a ubiquitous sea creature found in tropical and subtropical waters. Perhaps it is their journey from the sandy nests on beaches as small, cute creatures. So my first effort was to mimic one of these hatchlings.

        So far I have used smaller scraps of timber to create my small fish. Oddly, I have found them to be rather more involved than they seem Turtle hatchling from timber from local park. Approx 5cm long.

        small turtle whittled from timber

        Below is a leatherback turtle – made from paperbark wood. Beeswax finish.

        greeback turtle carving





        Galley of Items (SOLD)

        This is a small selection of items sold. Many, many sell at markets and are never photographed

        Hand crafted using just a small tomahawk and special spoon carving knives, these attractive serving spoons are unique one-of-a-kind items.

        Finished with a light coat of food grade linseed oil or kunos oil.

        Commissions accepted for yourself or as a totally unique Christmas gift, wedding or birthday gift idea.














        A pod of whales

        UPDATED JAN 2017

        I suppose collectively the images here represent a pod of whales.

        My whittling is done using a pocket knife, and sandpaper. I sometimes use a round file on tails where there is risk of the wood breaking. In desperate situations, such as the first whale on this page, I had to resort to using a tomahawk to remove some of the excess timber, such was the hardness of the wood, but these measures are a rarity.

        I like the lines of the Sperm Whale, plus unlike many other whales, they do not have long flippers so this suits the smaller wood pieces to which I have easy access – including old branches from trees in parks.

        click to enlarge

        click to enlarge

        The whale above was made for my youngest daughter’s 16th birthday. Sperm Whale from hardwood. 30+ hours work. 17cm long. I like the grain pattern and the opportunistically placed knot for the eye. Made use of a natural borer hole and sandstone pebble from local park to mount it.
        Small sperm whale This was a quicky little sperm whale. Only 5cm long. Again a fortunate knot allows him to see. From a bit of stick from the park…

        Sperm whale from willow Sperm Whale from willow found in park. 13cm long. A much easier whittling task. Permanently mounted on the stone.

        sperm whales from Cyprus pine

        Two sperm whales, Cyprus pine and willow wood. About 13cm long.

        Blue whale carving

        My take on a baby blue whale carved from Willow wood. Pectoral fins are a bit small. Just resting on wood for photographic purposes.

        Smiling blue whale carving

        A smiling blue whale – interpretive piece. Carved from Olive wood. Took 30 hours.







        Platypus – whittling the egg-laying marsupial

        The Platypus, Australia’s famous egg-laying marsupial had presented a wood whittling challenge for me.

        I had tried once before to whittle a platypus and it ended up looking like a wooden blob. Much scouring of the internet for a more graceful pose has resulted in this rendition, made for my daughter’s 21st birthday gift.

        The wood is willow, from a tree on the family property that had died before her birth, but the wood kept for special projects such as this.

        The item measures 23.5cm long whittled platypus from willow