A pod of whales


I suppose collectively the images here represent a pod of whales.

My whittling is done using a pocket knife, and sandpaper. I sometimes use a round file on tails where there is risk of the wood breaking. In desperate situations, such as the first whale on this page, I had to resort to using a tomahawk to remove some of the excess timber, such was the hardness of the wood, but these measures are a rarity.

I like the lines of the Sperm Whale, plus unlike many other whales, they do not have long flippers so this suits the smaller wood pieces to which I have easy access – including old branches from trees in parks.

click to enlarge

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The whale above was made for my youngest daughter’s 16th birthday. Sperm Whale from hardwood. 30+ hours work. 17cm long. I like the grain pattern and the opportunistically placed knot for the eye. Made use of a natural borer hole and sandstone pebble from local park to mount it.
Small sperm whale This was a quicky little sperm whale. Only 5cm long. Again a fortunate knot allows him to see. From a bit of stick from the park…

Sperm whale from willow Sperm Whale from willow found in park. 13cm long. A much easier whittling task. Permanently mounted on the stone.

sperm whales from Cyprus pine

Two sperm whales, Cyprus pine and willow wood. About 13cm long.

Blue whale carving

My take on a baby blue whale carved from Willow wood. Pectoral fins are a bit small. Just resting on wood for photographic purposes.

Smiling blue whale carving

A smiling blue whale – interpretive piece. Carved from Olive wood. Took 30 hours.








Not your typical view of the sunflower, but still likely to brighten your day.

Photographed on Queensland’s Darling Downs, the seed heard was part of a larger roadside crop still being grown despite the downturn in oilseed prices and other summer crops with promise of better returns.

photo of sunflower up close

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sunflower framed mockup



Platypus – whittling the egg-laying marsupial

The Platypus, Australia’s famous egg-laying marsupial had presented a wood whittling challenge for me.

I had tried once before to whittle a platypus and it ended up looking like a wooden blob. Much scouring of the internet for a more graceful pose has resulted in this rendition, made for my daughter’s 21st birthday gift.

The wood is willow, from a tree on the family property that had died before her birth, but the wood kept for special projects such as this.

The item measures 23.5cm long whittled platypus from willow

School of fish

Fish are a recent topic for my whittling so here is a school of fish.

So far I have used smaller scraps of timber to whittle my small fish. Oddly, I have found them to be rather more involved than they seem, with access around the fins (acting as ‘legs’) requiring careful blade work with the pocketknife . The initial idea came from a rather off trout-like fish made of rubber, that was attached to a hair band that I found on the roadside one day.

Like with other whittling, I favour easy to work timber, though at times this can cause problems due to a lack of strength of the wood.


whittled small fish from wood This little fish is only 8cm long. Whittled from Pinus Radiata, the most common type of pine used in building frames and just about every other softwood use including even in ‘country style’ furniture. Mounting on the stone provided a useful way to display this in a meaningful way.

whittled fish on rock Woolly Pine from southern Queensland transformed into a hungry fish.

whittles carved fish in wood The final in this style of fish…timber is willow





Golden leaves

Fallen golden leaves form a fascinating pattern. The Ginkgo biloba tree is often found in parks as was this tree where the leaves had dropped at the beginning of winter creating a golden carpet on the ground.

With its vibrant colour this image is suited to many locations in the home. See also an indicative framing – you can frame yourself or organise for us to do it.

The image has been tweaked slightly to give a slightly graphic edge.

golden leaves - photo for sale instant download

Golden leaves


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framed golden leaves photo

Indicative framed




Grevillea- a showman flower

The Grevillea is  flowering shrub that is common to many areas of Australia. Flowers vary in colour from a creamy white to a deep red and shades in between.

A favourite of native birds who drink the nectar as well as those who know that the flower can be tapped against the hand to dislodge the sugary fluid.

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grevillea digital print

Sample potential framed look

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Feather close up

The beauty of birds is undeniable. Call, shapes and colours provide a rich tapestry in our cities and countryside.

But to get up close with a feather can reveal many intricacies.

Here is a feather of an unknown species that provide a wonderful mix of colour and form. Almost architectural in design and engineered to perfection.

feather close up - instant download.

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Kitchen chilli

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downloadable photo of chillis for sale

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ownloadable image of chillis in a glass

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Seed heads at sunset

Wild grasses provide excellent low angle scenes and every Autumn the wild bushland provides scope to get out, get low and enjoy.

Here the low sun wonderfully back lights these grass heads and the line of eucalyptus trees provides a nice contrasting backdrop.

If you have or spot in your home in need some light, this photograph could be the perfect contender!

Seed heads at sunset

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White flowers around blue

On the Republic of Georgia’s Black Sea coast is a very big botanic gardens. During the soviet empire it was renowned at the best there was and today remains testament to the vision of its establishment in the 1880s.

The local tourist office said allow 2-3 hours. I was there for six and could have easily returned the next day as there was so much to see.

Featuring diverse geographic zones, this attractive cluster of flowers which were all in the SAME bloom, were beside an abandoned building.

White and blue flowers

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